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What is the Restoration Explorer?

The Restoration Explorer is a free, online platform that helps you build a resilient restoration enterprise. By providing you with a customized business model, the Explorer guides you through the process of starting a restoration business. We also offer a wealth of resources to help you learn more about ecosystem restoration.

The tool's user-friendly, seven-step process guides you from selecting your landscape and restoration strategies, through assessing your readiness, to generating a tailored roadmap for your business.

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Dive into our brief, interactive video tour to uncover how the Explorer can streamline your green business planning and tracking.

The Restoration Explorer helps you find suitable business ideas and provides a checklist to assess your level of preparedness across business, environmental, legal and operational dimensions.

From inspiring idea to prosperous business

Honoured in the 2022 Champions of the Earth category of Entrepreneurial Vision, Dr Purnima Devi Barman is a wildlife biologist who leads the “Hargila Army”, an all-female grassroots conservation movement dedicated to protecting the Greater Adjutant Stork from extinction. The women create and sell textiles with motifs of the bird, helping to raise awareness about the species while building their own financial independence.

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